GDC 2018 Presentations

(last update: April 8, 2018)


Visual Arts




  • “Remote Unity Studio in a Box” – “Spline Based Procedural Modeling in “Agents of Mayhem”” – Chris Helvig, Chris DuBois (Volition)Ben Throop (Frame Interactive)

Independent Game Summit

UX Summit

Game Narrative Summit

GDC Mobile Summit

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12 Responses to GDC 2018 Presentations

  1. To add ! 🙂
    GDC2018 – Remi Quenin-The Asset Build System of FarCry5


  2. Chris Helvig says:

    There’s my talk, Spline-Based Procedural Modeling in “Agents of Mayhem”, by Chris Helvig and Chris Dubois. The presentation and some slowed-down video is here:


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