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GDC 2018 Presentations

(last update: April 8, 2018) Programming “Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial: The Latest Graphics Technology in Remedy’s Northlight Engine” – Tatu Aalto (Remedy Entertainment) Khronos Group Presentations “Cinematic Lighting in Unreal Engine” – Epic Games “Optimizing UE4 for Fortnite: Battle Royale: Part … Continue reading

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Digital Dragons 2017

A few days ago I had a chance to attend and speak at Digital Dragons 2017 about rendering in Shadow Warrior 2. It was a total blast – very pro organized, had a honor to meet some incredible people and listen to … Continue reading

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GDC 2017 Presentations

(last update: April 5, 2017) Programming Track “Cold, Hard Cache: Insomniac’s Cache Simulator” – Andreas Fredriksson (Insomniac Games) “Insomniac’s Web Tools: A Postmortem” – Andreas Fredriksson (Insomniac Games) “FrameGraph: Extensible Rendering Architecture in Frostbite” – Yuriy O’Donnell (Frostbite / Electronic … Continue reading

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GDC 2016 Presentations

(last update: May 20, 2016) This year’s GDC was awesome. Some amazing presentations and again I could chat with super-smart and inspiring people. Be sure to check out “Advanced Techniques and Optimization of HDR Color Pipelines”, “Optimizing the Graphics Pipeline with Compute” and … Continue reading

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Digital Dragons 2014 Programming Track

Digital Dragons is a game industry conference held in Kraków (Poland). This year’s programming track was outstanding and mainly focused on graphics. Allpresentations are really worth reading. Low level optimization for AMD GCN GPU architecture Michał Drobot @MichalDrobot Ubisoft Montreal slides video … Continue reading

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Siggraph 2010 Papers

A small list of Siggraph 2010 papers (I’ll try to keep it up to date): Some academic stuff ( < 1 fps 🙂 ) Physically based shading course Color course. Includes very interesting stuff about tone mapping from tri-Ace R&D Proceedings at … Continue reading

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